Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DarMatch?

DarMatch is a new Islamic matchmaking service dedicated to privacy, security, and anonymity. As a community centre, we understand the significant challenges our members face in finding a potential spouse. After gathering extensive feedback from our community and reflecting on our own observations, we developed DarMatch to address these issues effectively.

We recognise the stigma associated with matchmaking in our community, and we have carefully considered this in developing our service. That’s why we don’t ask for photos, there’s no online presence or events, and all your information remains safe and anonymous.

How does the matchmaking process work?

We start with your application. You fill out a form about yourself and another for your ideal partner. Once we have these, our team of two trusted personnel review every submission to find potential matches.

If a match is made, we will contact each person separately, sharing basic details of their match, keeping personal information (like names or contact details) confidential. This lets you decide if you want to meet-in person. If both sides agree, we’ll set up a time and place for you to meet.

After your meeting, we will reach out to ask how it went. If both of you give positive feedback and are interested in seeing each other again, we will get your consent to share your contact details with each other to continue to build your connection at your own pace.

Who can use this matchmaking service?

We have made this service open to all single Muslim men and women looking to get married. You must be 18+ to use this service. 

How do I apply for the matchmaking service?

You will be required to fill in our application form. Once you submit, you will automatically be added to our system and manual matching will begin immediately. 

What information is required in the application?

You will be asked questions that we deem necessary to aid us in matching you effectively. They will include questions about your personal information as well as your preferences for a partner.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once you submit your application and we receive it, our trusted team will review your profile and others, then manually match individuals based on their preferences. Once a potential match is found, we will contact you about it. 

How long does it take to get matched?

The time it takes to get matched can vary depending on individual preferences and the availability of potential matches. Our team works diligently to ensure that each match is thoughtfully considered, and we prioritise quality and compatibility to help you find the best possible match.

How are matches determined?

Matches are determined based on the detailed information you provide in your application. Our trusted team carefully reviews each profile, considering your values, and preferences.

Who will see my application?

Your information will only be seen by our trusted matchmaking team. They are dedicated to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality. No personal information is shared with potential matches without your  consent, ensuring that your information remains secure and private throughout the matchmaking process.

How is my information kept safe and secure?

Your personal information is completely safe and confidential. We prioritise your privacy and have implemented strict security measures to protect your data. You can visit for more information about how we handle your data.

Only our trusted team have access to your information, and it is used solely for the purpose of finding you a potential match.

Where is my information stored?

Your information will be stored within our site which is password protected. 

What happens after I am matched?

If a match is found, our team will contact you to share basic information about the match and obtain your consent to proceed with arranging an in-person meeting. If you decide to proceed with the in-person meeting, we will follow up with both parties afterward to assess interest in moving forward. If both parties express mutual interest, we will facilitate the exchange of contact details with your consent. From that point onward, you have full control over what happens next.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with my match?

There will be a very clear and open communication channel between you and us. You are able to say no to a match at any stage of the process, be it at the very beginning or after an in-person meeting. If you are not satisfied with your match, all you have to do is express that to us when we follow up with you afterwards. We are committed to helping you find a potential partner. We will continue to work with you to find a better match.

Is there a cost for using the matchmaking service?

Our service is completely free!

Can I update my application information after submission?

Once you submit your application, it is final and cannot be updated. We encourage you to carefully review your information before submission to ensure it is accurate. If you notice that there is an error or mistake that is significant and needs to change, please get in touch via 

What if I have more questions not covered here?

The questions we ask are deemed essential for facilitating a compatible match for a potential meeting. We recognise that certain topics may be best addressed between both parties in their own time. Therefore, we encourage you to communicate any additional preferences or information directly with them.

How can I contact the Dar team for support?

You can get in contact with our team by emailing us on or calling on 07707707756.