Marriage and Celebratory Services


Nikkah Service

Nikkah is a union  between a Muslim man and woman in the presence of witnesses and Allah’s blessings. It signifies commitment, love and fostering a lifelong partnership based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared faith. At Dar, we are offering a Nikkah service to couples who wish to formalize their commitment to one another in accordance with Islamic traditions.

Weddings, Takleefs and Celebrations

With versatile space and services, we are offering our community the opportunity to book for various celebratory events, be it weddings, takleefs anniversaries or any joyous occasion. We are equipped to accommodate and cater to the diverse needs of our guests. ensuring that every celebration becomes a cherished memory for you and your guests.


Marriage Confirmation

Islamic marriage certificate is a vital resource that caters to the needs of Muslim couples seeking to formalise their union in accordance with Islamic traditions and principles.  These services ensure that the marriage is conducted with adherence to the tenets of Islam, encompassing the recitation of appropriate religious vows, consent from both parties, and the presence of witnesses.