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DAR Tuition Services

Dar Al-Islam Centre is working with ExpertTuition to provide excellent, top quality and affordable tuition for the whole community. 

EARLY BIRD OFFER: When you sign up before Jan 1st 2023, you will receive a 10% discount on your first month + your first lesson free! Your first month is ONLY £39!

Classes: Sessions will run once a week for 1 hour. Each month we will hold 4 classes total. 

Fees: £15 per student per hour. Payment is taken PER MONTH, and so a total sum of £60 per student, per month will be requested when you sign up. 






Groups of 4 - 6 students

ExpertTuition’s own Ahmed Alaskary vouches for his tried and true method of teaching. Groups of 4-6 students is optimal for high level learning and achievements!

Subjects available for Tuition

English Language
(Multiple subjects can be selected)


For groups of 4 students: £15 per hour
For groups of 6 students: £10 per hour

Payment will be taken per term

Let’s Learn Together! 

Dar Al-Islam Centre is proud to be the central hub for the community. Our vision is based on creating a space for the community to come together, to learn together and to connect with one another. We strive to make access to services like tuition, affordable as possible. In order for us to continue to thrive, we kindly request a donation to Dar Al-Islam Centre, of any amount! InshaAllah with your generous contribution, you will aid us in continuing to bring you events and services all year round.