Washing the Deceased (Mughtasal) at Dar Al-Islam Centre

Please donate towards building a ‘Mughtasal’ or Deceased Washroom facility at Dar Al-Islam Centre by using the donate button below.

The Project

One of Dar’s Services is a Funeral Service.
Part of the Funeral Service is to provide a Washroom facility to wash the deceased.This is because when a Muslim dies, it’s a communal obligation (Wujoob kifa’i) upon all Muslims to wash and bury the body. If this is not performed, all Muslims will be held responsible
and are sinful.


Dar Al-Islam Centre is planning to build a ‘Mughtasal’ or Deceased Washroom facility in the site.  This much-needed facility will be open to everyone in the community.

To fulfil this duty, Dar Al-Islam Centre has been granted Certificate of Lawfulness by Brent Council to provide this facility (see below).  This means that Dar Al-Islam Centre has permission to provide this facility within the existing building.

The project will cost an estimated £94,000 to complete. This is a Sadaqa Jariya (continuous charity) for yourself and your love ones so please donate generously. If you need further information about the breakdown of the costs, please contact us here.

Certificate of Approval

Click the button below to view our certificate of approval from Brent Council, authorising Dar to carry this project.

Floor Plan

Click the button below to view the floor plan for the mughtasal.

How you can support this project?

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